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10 Things You Will Need for Potty Training

March 9, 2019
Potty Training Tips for Girls. How to potty train a Girl Who is Stubborn. #Pottytraining #stubborntoddler #throughmamaseyes

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Your Guide To All The Products You Need

Before You Start Potty Training Your Toddler!

I went through 2 different experiences when potty training my toddlers. Both were very hard, but because I was in different phases in motherhood, first with 2 kids and now with 3, it came with its own challenges. Also your child’s personality will play a huge role in how easy the process is going to be.

Potty Training Boys. How to potty train a Boy Who is Stubborn. #Pottytraining #stubborntoddler #throughmamaseyes

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How To Potty Train A Girl Who is Stubborn. #Pottytraining #stubborntoddler #throughmamaseyes

{This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure at the end of the post.}

Just to make it easier, I created this post just to show you the list of products you will need to make your potty training journey easier. The last thing you want is to start potty training only to realize you don’t have underwear or a specific snack to reward your toddler for going potty!


1. Travel Potty

Potty Training Toddlers
First Things First you will need a portable potty. We kept one in our kitchen when we potty trained and used it around the house, and also took it out with us and kept it in the car for emergencies! It is super efficient as you just need to add a bag which you can throw out once it’s used. This makes for easier cleaning.

2. Potty Seat

Potty Training Toddlers

Even though we already had a portable potty, we still need to train our toddlers to use the actual toilet. So this is a great way to get them started till they are old enough to stop using the seat. The handles allow for them to hold on and remain stable.

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3. Toys/activities to keep busy


4. Salty snacks and lots of liquid (Water & Juice)

Potty Training Toddlers Potty Training Toddlers

Salty Snacks promote thirst, and of course so does lots of liquid. To encourage them to keep going constantly you would need to keep offering them snacks & water (or juice if you would like) to help them use the restroom more often.

5. An Ipad or TV

Potty Training Toddlers Potty Training Toddlers
Before you call the Screen Police let me explain why this can help. As this is a hard phase for them, in order to keep them distracted maybe when they are nervous on the potty or just to keep them from running on the carpet sometimes a good show like a good old Daniel Tiger Potty Episode will help instill that reminder in them.

6. Potty Watch or A Potty timer on your Ipad/Phone

Potty Training Toddlers
This amazing invention wasn’t available when my son was potty training but I have heard from those who haven’t had success using a timer on their phone/watch/ipad, this works WONDERS! It helps make the child feel like they are older, and have their own watch and more in control when the potty prompt is coming from the watcher rather than mommy nagging them.

7. Potty Training Chart 

Potty Training Chart

I made a chart and got some stickers to place on the chart each time my daughter went potty. She received a treat each time she went potty. If you would like to use a chart, too, you can download mine and print it out for use at home easily by clicking here!

8. Carpet Protector if you have no space with floors/tiles

Potty Training Toddlers

If you have a carpet, you will need this to help you keep your carpets clean as there will be lots of accidents during the process of potty training (even after), so this is very useful to avoid loosing your deposit!

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9. Underwear

Potty Training Toddlers Potty Training Toddlers

Of course with this new phase comes the next stage of toddlerhood in underwear. This is very exciting for kids and parents and you can purchase ones with colors and designs they like. I got princess ones for my daughter and dinosaur ones for my son just to keep happy in the process of it all!

10. Cleaning supplies

Potty Training Toddlers Potty Training Toddlers
Last but not least you will want to have a good set of wipes and carpet cleaner to clean up any potty messes! It is hard the first few days but trust me, once it’s done you will be so glad you don’t need to change a diaper again!


Hope this was helpful. If you would like to see the prices on the products I suggested above, please Click the images below to get more details on some of the products I used:


10 Things You Will Need Before You Start Potty Training. These will help you have a better and successful potty training experience and have everything you need in hand and ready to use! #pottytraining #potty #pottytrainingtoddlers #throughmamaseyes

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission if you use it to make a purchase. However, it costs you nothing and I only ever recommend products I use and love myself.

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