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How I Potty Trained My Toddler in 5 Days – Part 2

December 9, 2016

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I hope you found the first post on potty training useful. Now let’s get into how days 2 to 5 went for us…

Potty Training Day 2:

We started the same way and took off the pull off first thing in the morning. Again I mentally prepared him to use the potty. This time I used the Daniel the Tiger card. A little bit of background in case you don’t know, Daniel the Tiger is one of the best kids cartoons ever and Ayyoub’s favorite at the moment. There is a famous potty episode with a song that seems to have helped many moms when training.

He resisted but eventually got better through the day as I rewarded him for every time he went potty. You will notice this resistance will constantly happen unless they are entirely willing. I used candy, snacks, stickers, and marked a chalkboard saying well done every time he went. One of the rewards on this day was allowing him to wear pants to see if he would be able to hold himself till the potty.

Due to how overwhelmed I was with another toddler needing attention too, I installed a potty timer app on my iPad. The timer was set to go off every 20 mins to remind me to take him to the potty.At first, it was difficult since he was annoyed I would interrupt him from playing etc.

The training method I was following suggested that I prompt regularly. There were many times he would not go 10-15 mins after the alarm making it every 40 mins but I wanted to just instill in him that it was important to go potty OFTEN.

He still had a few accidents (2 of them being in pants), so I went back to no pants because I realized he wasn’t ready to wear pants without a diaper. Throughout the day, I allowed him to watch Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Potty Episode a few times and also Elmo’s Potty Episode to keep showing him how his favorite cartoon characters did the same thing. We also kept singing the ever so famous Daniel potty song which REALLY helped so much.

By the end of the day,  he was asking me to take him potty. Successful Day? Yes, I went to sleep pretty pleased with myself…


Potty Training Day 3:

I was a little naïve and woke up thinking everything was going perfectly and today would be even better than Day 2. It ended up being challenging in a different way. His behavior was worsening and he was getting rougher with his sister and fighting with her more.

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On the bright side, Ayyoub was progressing VERY well with training but the only difficulty we had was after his nap. He didn’t want to take off the pull-ups which resulted in a power struggle. This happens because they get confused when using a pull-up. It’s almost like “why are you putting on a pull-up on me if you want me to take it off”! But it has to be done to avoid huge potty accidents during naps.

After dinner, I took away the portable potty from the kitchen and told him he was going to the bathroom. He was intimidated by that, but I did my best to make him feel comfortable by giving him his Potty books to read and even allowing him to watch a little bit of Daniel so that he could stay on and finish his poop. It went well and after he finished he was so happy with himself he went to bed really pleased.


Potty Training Day 4:

He had class at Pre-School Prep that morning so I dropped him off for 2 hours. Even though he was doing so well at home, I knew it wouldn’t be the same with strangers. For this reason, I decided to put the pull-up on him so that he wouldn’t have any accidents in class that could affect his fun and learning.

His pull up was not full when I picked him up which was great (this was 2 hours later!). He was great during the day. His underwear arrived whilst he was napping. So when he woke up I told him he could start wearing underwear for big boys which made him so excited because of the dinosaur print.

Very shortly after wearing it, he started having accidents again and I thought he was regressing. He was pretty proud of himself for pooping in his underwear. He came and told me “mama I did it”. I had to just hold my frustration back and remind him that poo-poo and pee-pee ONLY in the potty.

I quickly went back to reference the training and checked out some articles and was pleased to see that this was totally normal. Prompting and Reminding was part of the training weeks in, and if he didn’t initiate himself after 3 days it was NOT a failure! Asking him, “do you need to go potty” would result in an automatic “no”, so I needed to use phrases like “I can see you need to use the potty, let’s go to the bathroom”.

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I soon learned from the first 4 days to stop giving him something to resist to. I had to give him room to learn that if he didn’t go when he had the urge he would have an accident. Accidents had consequence in the form of the mess.

You can read more about this process and the stages of this method of potty training here ->

Potty Training Day 5:

By Day 5 I didn’t feel the need to use the timer on the iPad and Ayyoub was successfully prompting us when he needed to go potty.

Those 5 days accounted for the hardest part of the training. It took about 2 weeks for him to comfortably use public bathrooms. By Day 5/6 he stopped having accidents in the house. It’s been 3 months now and he still wears his pull-ups to bed at night. He has probably had less than 10 accidents in the daytime (during naps or outings).

Other suggestions for when going out during potty training and after:

  1. Make sure to keep prompting when you see that dance. I noticed Ayyoub could hold it for a long long time because he got distracted when we are outdoors.
  2. When they say they really need to go, you GO! You want to avoid accidents, as it is disappointing for them and a huge mess for you.
  3. If they have a fear of the public toilets; cover the flush with a tissue paper so that it doesn’t automatically go off. Use the foldable potty seat if it makes them more comfortable. For boys push them back in the middle or towards the end of the toilet seat to allow for no spraying everywhere.
  4. Carry spare underwear and clothing. You will need this especially the first few weeks.
  5. Use a liner on the car seat and stroller in case of any accidents especially while they nap.
  6. Carry your portable potty with you in the car. This came in use SEVERAL times for me outside babies R us, Costco, the malls! I am so glad I got it.

Good luck with your potty training journey, share your comments below .


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    Jes N.
    June 22, 2017 at 8:08 am

    I enjoyed reading your blog on potty training! Going to need this insight and tips for surviving it when I start potty training my almost 2 year old!

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