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How to Educate Your Children to Perform Salah

October 20, 2018

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Teaching our Children How to Perform Salah is not the easiest thing. While it may be easy for them to mimic us while we pray, there are so many elements to prayer and one of the biggest things is to not let it be a daunting task for kids!

The importance of the prayer in Islam cannot be understated. It is the first pillar of Islam that the Prophet (PBUH) mentioned after mentioning the testimony of faith, by which one becomes a Muslim.

I was reading a blog post about Islam & Kids on Haute Hijab recently and I loved how the author put this “Whether positive or negative, pay close attention to how you’re modeling your own observance of worship because that is the most significant teaching you’re doing for them!”

She couldn’t have put it better, especially the part about us needing to be role models for our kids. This is why my husband & I never forcefully make the kids pray.

I think this is crucial in allowing kids to enjoy the process of learning and “wanting” to take part in prayer. And now when my toddlers randomly take out their My Salah Mat (aside from our regular prayer mats) it really puts me on cloud nine because it shows their interest.


4 Tips to Educate Your Children on How to Perform Salah and how to use the child friendly interactive My Salah Mat with sounds colors & images. #Mysalahmat #PerformSalah #ISlamicProduct #IslamicPrayer #throughmamaseyes

This post for the My Salah Mat was sponsored in which we received a free My Salah Mat, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Please see my disclosure at the end of the post.

I wanted to share some tips with you for helping educate your children on how to Perform Salah:

  1. Encourage Them To Join You in Salah

When the kids were a little younger we would ask them to join us when we prayed. This was mainly to avoid them from running off and doing something they shouldn’t. Over time, out of habit, it became something they were used to seeing & hearing rather than having toys to distract us.

This has resulted in them showing interest on their own & randomly joining us when we pray. Once Salah is over they will both look at us for positive reinforcement & ask “Mama, did I do a great job today?”. My heart melts MashAllah.

  1. Have something in the home that constantly reminds them of Salah

I grew up in Dubai, so I was very used to hearing the Adhan (Call to Prayer) from the masjids around. At any given time there was ALWAYS a Masjid in the area, even when in a mall.

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So moving to the US meant I needed to use something to remind me constantly. I ended up getting a Prayer Alarm Clock and also installing the APP on my phone to remind me.

My kids would initially ask me why I had that. I had to explain to them it’s to remind me to go and pray. Now, my kids will start yelling “Mama, time to pray!!!!” “Allah says you need to go and pray now”. Again this is something that has come out of habit and I love that they have learned times for prayer. 

  1. Take them to the Masjid Outside of Ramadan

My husband worked in a Masjid (Mosque or Islamic Community Center) for a few years so there would be days I would need to take the kids to either drop lunch off or anything he needed.

This was a blessing in disguise for us as a family. Aside from Ramadan it became a FUN place for the kids to go to. They would run around in the Prayer Area (between Salah Times of course), watch us congregate in prayer.

Another way of doing this is to go for Jumah (weekly congregation) every week. This can be really hard though for mothers. I have to admit, I don’t go regularly if I have all 3 kids.

If your masjid has a kid’s room, its best to carry an activity pack like the one that comes with My Salah Mat, to keep them busy.

4 Tips to Educate Your Children on How to Perform Salah and how to use the child friendly interactive My Salah Mat with sounds colors & images. #Mysalahmat #PerformSalah #ISlamicProduct #IslamicPrayer #throughmamaseyes

  1. Use an Interactive Tool like My Salah Mat

Using an interactive tool really does help kids learn better. In this day in age, technology is so powerful in the learning process and we can use it for our benefit. This is why My Salah Mat is one of the coolest inventions ever for Kids.

My husband said: “I want the reward of teaching my kids”. What he didn’t realize then, was that we had already instilled a love for Salah in the kids. So the intention was for it to be a fun learning tool for us to guide the kids with sounds, colors, and images to appeal them.

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4 Tips to Educate Your Children on How to Perform Salah and how to use the child friendly interactive My Salah Mat with sounds colors & images. #Mysalahmat #PerformSalah #ISlamicProduct #IslamicPrayer #throughmamaseyes

Since both of them are close in age (Almost 5 Years & 3 Years) we do tend to run into them fighting to get to use it because of the way it is designed. It shows you exactly where to place your hands, feet, and forehead making it good to use for 1 child at a time if they are learning.

Reasons I love My Salah Mat

  • My Salah Mat is a unique concept in teaching children and new Muslims how to perform Salah. I love the unique versatility of My Salah Mat because every child will use it according to their age and their ability.
  • The waterproof interactive mat is touch sensitive. It has 36 pre-recorded keys that can be touched to reveal the sounds. The sounds are of prayer times, how to do wudu, recite surahs, say Dua’as in 7 Different Languages. How amazing is that?!

4 Tips to Educate Your Children on How to Perform Salah & develop a love for Islam using the child friendly interactive My Salah Mat with sounds colors & images. #MySalahMat #Throughmamaseyes #HowtoPray #Salah #Namaz

  • It teaches the different times of salah, the various bodily movements and positions, and what to say during them.
  • The Mat comes with an activity book that further helps in introducing how to perform Salah in a fun, easy and interactive way.
  • It is the best way to earn Sadaqah Jariah (ongoing charity) by giving it as a gift.
  • My Salah Mat may also teach the adults a thing or two & would be a great gift for New Muslims.

Although the My Salah Mat does so much & has so many functions, the most important thing it does is it makes salah a positive experience, one that insha’Allah they will remember and grow upon.

A Little Background on My Salah Mat

Kamal, (The Inventor of My Salah Mat), came up with the idea after his own son Hamzah had struggled with the various positions of salat.

He has had a great deal of support for the project Alhamdullilah. He recently received a message about My Salah Mat, which said: “I wish I had this when I was a child.”

His goal with My Salah Mat is to make praying attractive and enjoyable for children. It makes children want to learn in a way that isn’t daunting ensuring a positive, rather than negative, experience.

To get your hands on a mat please visit their website and get 10% off by using the code Mamaseyes10.


4 Tips to Educate Your Children on How to Perform Salah and how to use the child friendly interactive My Salah Mat with sounds colors & images. #Mysalahmat #PerformSalah #ISlamicProduct #IslamicPrayer #throughmamaseyes

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    Great idea for encouraging kids to perform salah, duas.

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