How the cracked screen “cracked” me….

November 9, 2016

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I sigh and faintly smile about this now, but in the moment I was a complete utter mess. A friend of mine advised me just about a week ago, to take some time out before I delve deep into launching a few projects, one of them being this blog. I knew she was right but I also knew I had already taken a couple of months off from full-time work-from-home that I couldn’t be more ready for it! Boy was I wrong…..

I had just fixed a cracked camera for a hefty amount and was about to get my phone replaced due to some technical issues my phone was having. After a very hectic week with a teething baby and the newly arrived terrible three’s behavior I had quite the exhausting day and decided to drop the kids off to my in-laws to take a break. I removed my phone case, wiped down the phone, started backing up my data. As it was getting closer to Maghrib (Sunset Prayer), I decided I would just carry the laptop and phone with me and continue doing my work in the car. There I went with a 1-year-old on one arm, a phone, laptop and coffee in another, and my eyes on my 3-year-old. I placed everything in the trunk of my car as I normally do so I can take care of putting the kids in first. My wire was apparently still plugged into my phone and my little one (bless her), decided it would be a great idea to reach for it and pull it down. And within seconds while I opened the door to put her in, the phone fell on the road, and half the screen cracked (most of the damage towards one corner). I flipped, broke down crying and said to my daughter who probably was as shocked as I was, “I JUST fixed my phone and was JUST about to get the new one”. My son ran after me and tried to re-assure me that “it’s ok mama”. Of course in the moment I was not about to listen to a 3-year-old trying to calm me down….

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I dropped the kids off, and slowly started to accept that it wasn’t written for me to get that new phone. As all mom’s (in the US at least) love to do, I went to target. But before doing that I had an unpleasant conversation with someone very close to me which I regret because I could have been nicer. . I was in a state and just needed space. And Target was the place for me to be. After 30 mins at Target, a long shower, and focused peaceful prayer later I felt much better and ready to face the kids again.

Long story short, we all need those 30 mins away from the kids every once in a while. In fact, it’s healthier to make it a regular habit especially when you see yourself about to crack. Just like the phone screen. A few mins a day or a few hours a week, whatever works for you take it, ask for it and practice self-care before it’s too late and you are balling in your apartment parking lot.

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    November 19, 2016 at 11:24 am

    lol I bet Ayoub went like Sorry mummy with his blank face. Heheheheh miss him loads. And just get a Nokia. It’s no built in you to stay with phones for long.

    Boy am i in trouble.

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    November 26, 2016 at 11:20 pm

    MashaAllah what a lovely reflection sis. InshaAllah I hope to read more on your blog

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