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What You Need To Know About Vaginal Steaming

February 19, 2019

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This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure at the end of the post.

When I brought up the topic of Vaginal Steaming, I kid you not, I had people saying like What the heck is that? Is that even safe?

Of course I laughed because I had by then understood the benefits of it especially after hearing my mother & inlaws talk about it in front of me planning my first steam after birth! Horrific? Yes it was…

Let me tell how that went down, I was with my mother who was visiting me for the first time in the US when I was about 39 weeks pregnant. The moment they started talking about benches and stools and having me sit over steam I was thinking *WTH*!!! Apparently this is a thing in East Africa and is very very common.

Of course since I ended up having C-Sections this was never suggested because once you have surgery it’s assumed you don’t need to cleanse yourself. So… 5 years later, I came across Sabrina’s Instagram and I felt an instant connection to her. Little did I know she was also East African like I was!

{This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure at the end of the post.}

I immediately got her Nourish herbal blend after a few conversations with her and I can honestly say it has helped reduce my PMS Symptoms which were BAD and lasted almost 2-3 weeks out of the month, and also helped lighten my period (it was so heavy it gave me Iron Deficiency!).

If you would like to know more, please read Sabrina’s in-depth post below & check out the interview below.

What is Vaginal Steaming?

When I first heard of Vaginal Steaming I had no idea what to think and had so many questions! What is it? How does it help? How does it work, does someone have to spray herbal steam into your private lady parts?! I had no idea.

All that I had heard about it was that it could help women with healing naturally and that was enough to grasp my attention! We can go into the story of how I came across Vaginal Steaming another time, as it was a very special blessing to me. For now I will share with you the why’s and the how’s, the questions that you may be wondering about Vaginal Steaming!

Vaginal Steaming is not another new trend. It is an ancient therapy practiced among women for thousands of years, throughout the world. It was most commonly practiced amongst midwives as part of the postpartum care for new mothers.

When Midwifery was made illegal, alot was lost, including Vaginal Steaming. Thankfully, it is slowly being revived and Steaming is now becoming a therapy that many women use and find great benefit from.

How Does Vaginal Steaming Work?

If you are like me, you are probably wondering how this works! Vaginal Steaming is done by sitting above a pot or bowl of steaming herbs. This can happen by making or purchasing a “Vaginal Steam Stool” which is a stool with a hole in it, similar to a toilet seat.

It can also work by simply kneeling or squatting above a bowl of the steaming herbs. The experience should be very relaxing and should feel like a taking a nice warm bath in your lady parts! The steam should never be hot or uncomfortable.

How Can Vaginal Steaming Help Me?

Vaginal Steaming is a gentle and natural method of healing the female reproductive system and pelvic floor. This ancient therapy has the potential to heal a large variety of gynecological challenges as well as support recovery after birth.

The reason that it is so effective is because it works as a direct and topical application of herbal medicine. The steam is able to relax the vaginal opening and carry the herbal properties through the vagina. The healing properties of the herbs are absorbed into the bloodstream. This can effectively promote healing in the cervix, the uterus, and even in the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

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What are the Benefits of Vaginal Steaming?

Another great benefit that Vaginal Steaming provides is an increase in circulation within the pelvic space. It is so common within our culture for us to spend a lot of time sitting or standing in the same position.

Unless we do Yoga or consistently exercise, we usually do not spend time moving our bodies in ways that support circulation. This can create stagnation, or a sense of congestion in the pelvic space.

Vaginal Steaming can be so helpful with improving circulation to the pelvic space because of the fact that warmth, in this case warm steam, encourages healthy blood flow.

Can Vaginal Steaming Provide Healing?

What kind of healing can Vaginal Steam therapy provide? Tons! Vaginal Steaming can help to regulate the menstrual cycle. This means any period issues such as irregular periods, heavy bleeding, painful periods, short cycles (28 days or less) and long cycles (31 days or longer).

It is helpful for infections, such as UTI’s and Bacterial Vaginosis. It can also help with more advanced challenges such as prolapse, endometriosis, cysts, and fibroids. Truly, steaming can help with a very wide variety of gynecological issues.

For example, one of my clients approached me with vaginal pain that she was experiencing for 8 years. Her doctors ran out of options to try and suggested surgical removing of the vaginal space that was in pain. This was a very challenging case, but after steaming for only a few days, she was no longer experiencing pain and was able to stop taking pain medications!

Another client of mine had a missing period for four months. She steamed for three days in a row and her period finally returned!

How Can Vaginal Steaming Help Me During The Postpartum Period?

In postpartum healing, steaming can help to encourage the uterus to return to its usual size, it can help with swelling and with healing tears or episiotomy stitches. It also helps with eliminating water retention, supporting weight loss.

One of my favorite benefits of postpartum steaming is that it helps the mother to feel relaxed, allowing for the release of oxytocin which helps wonderfully with breastfeeding and bonding with baby! One of the most important benefits of postpartum steaming is that it helps to clean the uterus of lochia which helps women to finish their postpartum bleeding sooner.

The reason that this is so important is because if all of the lochia is not completely cleaned out of the uterus, it can build up within the uterus and become “old residue”. Old residue causes a lot of issues when the period returns. Issues such as painful periods, irregular periods, and brown or black colored periods can occur.

In advanced situations the old residue can turn into endometriosis. So, a full uterine cleanse postpartum is extremely beneficial! Most cultures recommend mandatory steaming for at least 30 days postpartum.

How Do I start Vaginal Steaming?

Obviously, everyone’s body is very different. As a Vaginal Steam Facilitator, I always recommend that women have support with creating a vaginal steam plan. Some women need to steam once every week while others need to steam every-other-day. Some need to steam for ten minutes at each steam session while others need to steam for thirty minutes.

The herbal selection differs for everyone as well. Some women need herbs that encourage circulation while others need gentle herbs that support and strengthen. It all depends on the woman, her specific health challenges, and her lifestyle.

I offer one-on-one sessions, online and in-person, where I work with women to create a customized Vaginal Steam Plan. With my in-person clients I provide an actual steam session for them to try at our Wellness Center. I teach clients how to safely set up a steam session for yourself at home.

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While Steaming can be extremely helpful, it is important to keep safety in mind. Never steam while on your period, while experiencing spotting, or when pregnant. Helping & Witnessing the healing journeys of women, has been a great blessing in my life!

How Did Vaginal Steaming Help You?

Personally, I have used Vaginal Steaming to regulate my very irregular period. I steamed for five days before and after my period for a few months in a row and I noticed that my cycle went from around forty five days long to thirty one days long.

This was incredible for me because I suffered for many many years with periods that would disappear for months at a time. To me, being able to help my self heal naturally, at home, without pharmaceuticals or medical intervention was HUGE.

It made me feel so wonderfully empowered and deeply connected to my ability to heal, of course with the help of God. I also loved the aspect of connecting to nature through using herbs. Now, I use steaming as a self-care habit and a tool for preventing any menstrual or gynecological issues.

Can Vaginal Steaming Help With Trauma?

I notice one common benefit that most women mention to me – Feeling a sense of relaxation and connection to their pelvic sace.

I love hearing this because 1: most of us need much more relaxation than we actually get and 2: most of us live our lives very disconnected from our pelvic space. Culturally, there is a lot of shame, trauma, and negativity associated with the female body, specifically the vagina.

For women to be able to feel a sense of connection to this space in their bodies is revolutionary! Breaking away from the shame and suppression taught to us about ourselves is truly healing for us all!

How Do I Start Vaginal Steaming?

I sell four different Vaginal Steam herbal blends dedicated to supporting women with different reproductive health issues.

Cleanse” is a blend dedicated to women who have irregular periods and need support with circulation.

Nourish” is a blend dedicated to strengthening and supporting the uterus and is intended for women who have menstrual cycles of twenty eight days or less.

Purify” is a blend dedicated to infections and disinfecting.

Soothe” is a blend dedicated to women who experience hot flashes, night sweats, or vaginal dryness.

I created these blends to give women access to the right type of herbs for their personal challenges. If you have any questions, please feel free and welcome to contact me. I am here to serve and support women through my health coaching programs.

More About Sabrina

Sabrina is an Ayurvedic Practitioner & Vaginal Steam Facilitator based in Wisconsin. After going through her own issues with fertility, menstrual cycle & postpartum anxiety, she decided to further her studies in women’s health. She wants to help others witness their own healing naturally as she did. Sabrina has an in-person and online practice dedicated to women’s health, specifically menstrual health and wellness. She offers holistic health coaching services as well as education both in-person and online. You Can Follow her on Instagram or check out her Etsy Shop:
Sabrina is starting her own 6 Week Program called “The Art of Self Care: Ayurvedic Practices for Women“. She will take you from a place of feeling lost, un-confident, and uninspired to a special place of feeling more embodied, present and joyful through a newfound deep connection to yourself. After working with her for 3 months I can safely say you won’t Regret it!

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission if you use it to make a purchase. However, it costs you nothing and I only ever recommend products I use and love myself.

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