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40 Comments That Will Upset A Pregnant Woman

November 1, 2018
Pregnant Woman. #PregnantWoman #Pregnancy #PregnancyComments #ThroughMamasEyes

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If you are a Pregnant Woman or one of the many out there, you may have heard one of these comments at least once during your pregnancy (or even your previous pregnancies).

Having had 3 kids, I have heard so many comments which sometimes you can have a good laugh at. But other times, it’s like “SERIOUSLY?” It can be family, those closest to you or just strangers. I don’t think any relationship warrants crazy comments to a pregnant woman.

I reached out to over 40 bloggers and the things you will read will blow your mind (or you may say “omg they told me that too!).

I hope this post is an eye-opener for people NOT to say comments like these to a pregnant woman, and to just try to be a little sensitive…Just a little, please? Some respect for all the pregnant women out there.

40 Things You Will Make a Pregnant Woman Mad. #PregnantWoman #Pregnancy #PregnancyComments #ThroughMamasEyes

40 Comments That Will

Upset A Pregnant Woman

  1. One of my Inlaws (feeling my behind), says to me “You are definitely having a girl eh” look at your hips and bum | Anonymous

  2. At my gender reveal party when pink confetti came out of the aunties said “I’m sure the ultra send tech made a mistake, you are def having a boy” | Knafeh Queens

  3. Wow, Are you sure they got your due date right? | Shire Lyon

  4. With my first pregnancy, everybody kept telling me I looked small. Even the midwives kept saying it! It made me feel worried anxious and paranoid that something was wrong. I needn’t have got so stressed about it! I had a perfectly healthy 7lb 11oz baby! That experience taught me to never comment on a pregnant woman belly size!  | Susana Serer

  5. I actually got asked if I was actually pregnant because I was so small and then they felt they had the right to touch my belly just to make sure | Fozia Shah

  6. I always got people trying to take care of me. I worked the night shift as an animal nurse in an emergency center, so it was a lot of heavy duty work. I had a lot of clients treat me like I was incapable of doing anything. “Dear, why don’t you go take a rest and I will walk fluffy back to the treatment area. Or oh, you probably shouldn’t be lifting my Chihuahua puppy, let me get him.” I ended up getting clients to know I was perfectly capable of doing things, but that I would communicate if I needed help with something. Have respect for a pregnant woman and allow her grace to choose what she feels capable of doing. Don’t treat her like she’s handicapped! | Audrey Marshall

  7. “You’re so tiny, your baby is going to be so small!” I’ve got several | Jessa Hillman

  8. When I was pregnant with my second child, people always found a way to comment on my size. One of the times I was at a Christmas party with my fiancee and 1-year-old son at the time. I was 7 months pregnant with my second son and I was indeed a good size. A woman at that party asked me at least three times if I was having twins. She thought it was a clever little joke. All it did was make we incredibly mad and self-conscious |  Lyndsay Danielle Wheaton

  9. During my first pregnancy, I was dealing with really bad depression. My energy levels were always low and I used to tire out really easy. Which means our house was mostly a mess. During that time I just happened to tell a female relative how I felt hoping for some advice in return. She goes to say we used to be on our toes all days long till the last month of pregnancy, cooking and cleaning till the baby was delivered. These days girls have no strength in their bones.  She must have been right in saying girls are not as physically strong as they used to be. But all I was looking for was a sympathetic and listening ear. So what she said and how she said it really got to me | Aleeza S Aleeza

  10. “Better not get into a hot tub or you’ll have a hard boiled baby!” And “you’re so much more of a boys mom than a girls mom” I was having a girl. For some reason when a person sees a pregnant woman, their filter goes right out the window!! | Stephanie Garcia

  11. I was out grocery shopping around 37 or 38 weeks and the check-out lady said to me “you should really stay home, what if your water breaks in the store?” I was so enraged, I couldn’t even think of a response. In what world can pregnant women just stay home and do nothing? I had a family of four to take care of! | Caitlin Cancellieri Patoka

  12. I had a guy friend comment on an 8-month bump photo “wouldn’t it be weird if it busted through your stomach like a chest-burster (Aliens)?” No, Mike, it would NOT be weird…and no expecting Mama wants to be compared to a horror movie | Jasmine Hewitt

  13. I had 2 kids and we tried for a 3rd. We got pregnant with twins. I HATE “you’re going to have your hands full!” AHHHH SHUT UP, JANET! | Melanie O’Reilly-Rogers

  14. Worst things I was told when I was pregnant are “ you look so tired” I used to get it a lot even if I wasn’t tired lol it used to really annoy me, “you’re starving the baby he’ll be so tiny” because I had food aversions so I wasn’t eating for 2 I could barely eat for 1, Alhamdulillah Bub was over 9 pounds |  Samsam Said Jibril

  15. I got pregnant the second time and there was a blockade in Qatar, people at work used to tell me you got pregnant now, during this hard time and they tried to make me feel guilty for not choosing a better time and few friends were like you should have waited until your first one goes to school, it’s too early and your first one might get neglected (FYI it mostly came from non-Muslims) | Nazia Sharieff

  16. “You’re just cranking them out, aren’t you?” – a family member. Note, I was pregnant with my 2nd kid and they’re 2 1/2 years apart! | Rachelle Willgreen

  17. You’re so small its because you don’t eat (I had bad sickness and some issues with my placenta which meant baby was small anyway but Alhamdulillah healthy). Are you sure you’re 8 months you’re so small. Stop filling up on fruits you need proper food (I could only keep down fruits and salads for most of my first trimester) | Romina Degli Esposti 

  18. “Why are you going through all the labor for THIS child?” (And this was said to me while I was having my final contractions)” (the nurses said this about the baby that doctors thought wouldn’t survive – and indeed he only survived a few days, but it was worth it nonetheless). People would also say things like – why are you even keeping this child when you know he won’t survive. As if they are the ones who decide about life and death. |  AYEINA

  19. ‘You already have two daughters. Have a son this time.’ Or ‘hope you’re having a boy this time.’ Like it’s in my hand to have a boy |  Ayesha

  20. I had hyperemesis gravidarum for all my pregnancies but it was worst in my first – Lost weight, was on IV, and couldn’t stand the thought of food let alone the smell or sight. And some people thought I was making it up or exaggerating too much! “Oh you know I had that too. I vomited too (maybe once or twice in the entire first trimester)” “you know I know some Arab ladies who don’t have any issues whatsoever during pregnancy. It’s only with Indian ladies who seem to have so many ‘eating tantrums’ ” even some doctors were so stupid and insensitive. And this was just a few weeks before HG became famous as Kate Middleton suffered from it. All my 3 kids are same age, a few weeks older than hers lol. But it was hard feeling so horrid, miserable and helpless with bone crunching nausea, with your innards threatening to come out every second and on top of it dealing with people | Ayesha

  21. After telling my colleagues from work that I was pregnant with second child, I anticipated that people may say “congratulations” or “I’m really happy for you”. However one particular colleague thought it was appropriate to say in front of everyone “WHAT you’re having another baby, do you think that’s a good idea considering you need to move to a bigger house”. My reply: “DO YOU think it’s a good idea saying that seen as you don’t pay my bills”  | P

  22. I’ve gotten “Are you eating enough?” to “are you trying for a boy?” We have 3 girls and are perfectly happy with it | Nida Mirza

  23. You’re having a girl/a boy, by the way you’re carrying, high and low. Oh if only you had a girl/boy (different gender based on what you already have) your family would be complete. I have 3 boys… Feels pretty complete! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Saira 

  24. When people found out I was expecting a third they were also a bit rude. Not about my size but the fact that it was my third baby. I heard a lot of “you’re pregnant AGAIN?” and “you’ll have your hands full”. I hated it. I was like “did I ask you to baby sit ? No? Mind your own business then.” When i gave birth to my daughter, I had my tubes tied the next morning. The staff assumed I’d stay another night but I was determined to get home to my babes! They were surprised that after surgery I could still handle my newborn and my 2&3 year old boys | Lyndsay Danielle Wheaton

  25. I was told not to go out at night, by my mother-in-law, otherwise I’d lose the baby. She only said this, because my husband and I used to travel at night when we went to visit my parents, who live 200 miles away. So it’s easier to travel at night because there’s less traffic. It was a way for her to try and scare me so I’d do what she wanted. I, of course, told her, it’s in God’s hand. To which she replied, do whatever you want, just don’t say I didn’t warn you! | Anonymous

  26. You feel like you are in hiding all the time! You can’t just stop living though and stay home all the time, that’s unrealistic and isolating | Sumaira Z

  27. The worst one I got was when my brother told me I was “what was wrong with this world” when I told him the name we had picked out for our son. | Jenn Hoogerdijk

  28. Was it planned? Are you sure you’ll be able to can handle a newborn with a toddler? You look like it’s past your due date! I was 9 months pregnant, unable to “hide” my belly and I was given a really hard time about it |  Mahin

  29. I’m not sure if this is just a desi thing, but I had a lot of my older female relatives telling me to hide my belly from my male relatives, including my dad! Here’s a phrase I would hear often: “don’t go into the living room, your dad is there and you don’t want him to see your big belly!” Or if I was sitting on a couch, “Quick, your uncle is about to walk in, hide your belly with this throw pillow!” | Sumaira Z

  30. Was it planned? You didn’t want this did you? | Three Cups of Chai

  31. Why have you not found out the gender? Who are you including in your birth plan? Are you scared your kid will have xyz family diseases? | Hira (Zair Zabr Play)

  32. Lol omg so we announced our pregnancy to a few people and this Aunty’s response was like ohh that explains why your butt is so big | Anonymous

  33. A friend was shopping at Walmart during school hours with all her Homeschooled kids and this other lady threw a box of condoms in her cart and said try these | Anonymous

  34. Don’t exercise because it is bad for the baby or The baby will come out if you do too many squats Zehra Allibhai (The Fitnest)

  35. But this one always gets to me “you must have twins in there or a very fat baby”…because I carry very high and my belly pops out a lot during pregnancy.

  36. Another one that annoys me to death is “can I touch your belly? Can I feel the baby kick”? Seriously, Touching a pregnant belly requires you to be either a doctor or the husband, mom or sister. I think feeling the baby kick is a very private and emotional bond between mom and baby or mom and her husband. I’ve had people walk up to me and touch it while asking my permission. Really very disrespectful. Just because I am pregnant you don’t get a “free pass” to randomly touch me! I heard from analimah that one required to say Bismillah and recite four Quls before touching or being touched on a pregnant belly as the Jinns can use that touch to harm your baby..if that person has a jinn or maybe a jinn decided to harm you and used that as a method. I had a stillborn baby lost her at 36 weeks so I’ve been very seriously dramatically cautious about this ever since | Tamanna (The Hijabi Mom)

  37. You’re still pregnant? . Was this an accident?  Are you sure you want to have more kids?  How are you going to handle that many? | CrescentMoonBookStore

  38. So, after this baby, when are you going to have another one? | Anjana Malakar 

  39. Is the first one completed? One that really gets my goat this time is, ‘Did you plan to have 3 under 4?’ | Nilufa Dahlia

  40. I was going through the usual struggles of postpartum and one of my close family members said something like “You’re not the first person to give birth. Get Over It”. | Asma (This_Ruh)

That last comment had me in tears. Seriously? How do you say that to pregnant women?

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What was the worst comment you read on this list? Were you told something like that too? Share this on your feed so that we can raise more awareness!

40 Things You Will Make a Pregnant Woman Mad. #PregnantWoman #Pregnancy #PregnancyComments #ThroughMamasEyes


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    I can relate to so many on here! But some are just shocking, and the last one

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    Resonated with many of them! Thanks for sharing this. Some of them were so bizarre too! Wow people!

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