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Last Minute Eid Gift Ideas for your Kids

May 10, 2019
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Can you tell I am last minute person, writing up another post about Last Minute Eid Gift Ideas? Last week I wrote about Eid Outfits, so as I sit here trying to put together things I have gotten my kids and receiving endless messages about some products I received I thought this would be a useful post for all the mama’s out there!

This post contains affiliate links & partially sponsored content by Miraj Audio. Please see my disclosure at the end of the post.

Miraj Audio Stories

This is a halal alternative to media which brings Islamic teachings to life. I first came across this store when one of their audiobooks was suggested to me by a fellow mom blogger. My kids fell in love with the story of the Sad Camel which we listened to so many times! We didn’t even know about their shop until earlier this year and now they have an amazing app aimed at tech-savvy Muslim kids from 4 – 9 years old. It has interactive stories, their popular collection of Audio Books and Animated stories too. The Kids can learn Arabic while playing on the app which is amazing.

The app also has educational games and activities that entertain children while they learn about the names of God, and how to perform prayer and ablution. This to me is a huge win because after a month of relying on screen-time to be my babysitter, having this on hand will be great because school is out, kids are home and I need something other than PJ Masks & Daniel Tiger to keep them busy. Currently, we are listening to the story of Musa and it melts my heart because my youngest’s name is Musa and I love how beautiful narrated the story is.

What we've produced is a multi-dimensional interactive library which helps connect children with their faith in a safe, ad-free environment. And they have fun while they learn.   An App where Arabic letters talk and launch rockets to the moon, and a kangaroo teaches how to pray and perform ablution. (PRNewsfoto/Miraj Studios Ltd)

My First Quran Activity Book

Zair Zabr Play First Quran Activity Book Eid Gift Ramadan

This is an interactive board book by Zair Zabr Play which teaches children stories about the Prophets while playing. There are 6 spreads with 6 different activities & stories.  It’s a board book which is great for toddlers. My favorite part of the book is that activity pieces are magnetic (so no destruction from toddlers like mine). The book that is now out of stock on their Etsy store but is available at other retailers worldwide. It covers stores of Prophet Nuh (AS), Prophet Yusuf’ (AS), Prophet Muhammad (AS), Bibi Hajra (AS), Prophet Hud (AS) and Prophet Yunus (AS).

My Salah Mat

This electronic prayer mat is currently being given away on my Instagram & Facebook. The mat is touch sensitive and has 36 pre-recorded keys that teach kids how to pray, recite surahs, some dua’a, the Adhan, prayer times, do wudu, and so much more! It speaks in 7 different languages and had to be one of the most creative Muslim Products I have seen. Absolutely love it!

My Salah Mat, Prayer, Eid Gift, Ramadan Gift,

Ibrahim Toy House

This is a the Toys’R’Us for Muslims! It has amazing stuff like the Arabic Letters Sound Puzzle which my kids LOVE and a well made Quran Cube which I have my eyes on.

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Desi Doll Company 

Desi Doll Company are Toy Makers who design, create and bring amazing Islamic Kids products to the market. Their products are sold at places like Ibraheem Toy House. The are based in the UK and have a huge collection of Kids items, like of the ever so famous Dua’a Pillow, sound toys, English letter & phonics puzzles, dolls, and other very diverse products that cater to different Languages. They have an amazing Ramadan Bundle on Sale now too!

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Magnet Tiles

We fell in love with Magnet Tiles since I discovered them at a friends house when my son was around 12 months. When we realized how expensive they were we decided to purchase them when he was older. We ended up getting these about a year later. They were much more affordable than the other brands out there, had great reviews and came in a large package with the option of buying cars on wheels making it more fun for my son. We have had these for 2 years now and the magnets have held up really well, considering how rough they are!

Magnet Tiles Play Picasso Farm Toddler Activity  

Learning Roots

This organization takes the prize for some of the most contemporary designed products in the market. It reflects on the pricing but their books are amazing MashAllah.

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Personalized Pretend Play Capes – Capes In Flight

Pretend play is big with toddlers and even though there are hundreds of capes out there I knew I wanted something customized for my kids that would be good quality, simple and last a long time. “Superman & Superwoman to the rescue” when these go on! They also come with the option of having cuffs and a mask! We chose the simple superman logo, with the kid’s names and initial at the back.


Micro Mini Scooter

We owned 2 scooters prior to this and I have got to say this scooter by far is the best one I have seen. It doesn’t have any sharp edges and is the smoothest ride. I get terrified seeing how fast my son goes on it, but it is so easy to get the hang of, he’s now a pro riding it. The bar can be raised for taller toddlers which is great so we know it’ll last my son at least till he is 5. He got this when he turned 3 in 2016.  It comes in loads of colors which is a plus 🙂


Dyson Kids Vacuum

My 19 month old son absolutely loves this and since I got it for him a few months ago he is obsessed and uses it daily. It’s great to keep your little ones busy while you clean!

Melissa & Doug Cleaning Set 

My 19 month old loves cleaning and tries to use my mop, my broom and makes a huge mess trying to get it out of the closet so I have decided to get him one of these. My husband thinks I am making my son clean but I am actually really wanting to keep him busy!!

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Lego for Girls & Boys 

Lego is always a big hit with toddlers and I make it a habit to get a lego box every eid for the kids and My son is going to LOVE this dinosaur one!


 Doll House 

My daughter is now at an age where she loves dolls and doll houses and pretend play. As much as I would love a large play house which is stationary in its set place, we don’t have the space and I think with my youngest being so hands on and touching everything it’s best I wait till my daughter has her own room. So we decided to get this Melissa & Doug Portable Doll house! It’s gorgeous.

Wooden Masjid & Kaabah Puzzles & Blocks – Eastern Toy Box 

Wahiba who is a Montessori Teacher & Homeschooler sells a gorgeous selection of products that has a fusion of east meets west. Her education toy line appeals to the environmentally and socially conscious consumer. From a Kabah to a few masjid blocks to puzzles the choices are endless! And just from looking at the website, you can tell that the items are great quality which reflects the pricing.

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Gratitude Journal from Ayeina 

This is great for kids at any time of the year and it will appeal kids and help them learn and focus on gratitude and positivity inshaaAllaah. There is a section for each day to write Just ONE Alhamdulillah a day. I love the sisters at Ayeina and they do an amazing job with the journal competitions.

Islamic Story Books 

Books are my ultimate favorite gift for kids and there are so many out there, but what’s even better is when you can use Amazon Prime to have it delivered in time for Eid! Check out the list by clicking here.

Crescent Moon Book Store

This store is your One Stop Shop for ALL your Islamic Books/Activity Needs! She has everything you need for the whole family.

Other Kids Books 

These are some of my childrens favorite books and also some that are on our wish list to buy.

Activity Books for Kids 

Great ways to keep your kids busy with educational tools learning how to write & draw!

I hope this list is helpful for you and I can’t wait for Eid to give our kids their toys too! Please do take a moment to share what you gifted your kids this Eid Al Fitr!

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Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and partially sponsored, which means that I may get a commission if you use it to make a purchase. However, it costs you nothing and I only ever recommend products I use and love myself.


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